With Dan's Pro Grow, you can rest easy knowing we have your back when it comes to keeping your garden green. No garden is too large or projects too small. We provide a full range of Gardening products to ensure your garden is healthy and green.


     Containers and Soil/Media

You will never have to worry about something to grow your plants in. Whether its soil, soilless, coco coir, expanded clay pebbles-stones or rock wool and of course all the different containers to put them in



You’ll rest easy knowing that we carry trays reservoirs, pumps, tubing fittings, emitters, grommets, float valves, filters as well as DWC, NFT, ebb&flood and aeroponic systems. If we don’t have it let us order it in



We do what it takes to help keep your garden green. No matter what it is you use organic -veganic, synthetic or any combination. We carry the top nutrient companies to keep your garden green.

Hydroponics Indoor Growing Supplies

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